I was born in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, son of a cabinet maker father and a gallery owner/artist mother. I began experimenting with cameras and film as a teenager and, with the help of my dad, built a home darkroom where I spent many nights in pursuit of the perfect print, sometimes—my parents will learn for the first time upon reading this—forgetting to sleep and going back to school the next morning after a quick change of clothes.

Photography gave me an outlet to explore my fascination with light, its sources and how we perceive it. I also developed an interest in the relationships between our built and natural environments, and how they relate to us. Much of my life has been spent exploring these ideas.


Friday Harbor, WA, 1967

Blue Sky’s Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers
Portland, Oregon, juried selection 2012

Souvenirs Group Exhibition, 2011-2012
Institut d’Estudis llerdencs, Llieda, Catalonia, Spain
University of Girona, Girona, Catalonia, Spain


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Professional Experience

Freelance work in the tourism and economic development industries 1990-1998

Works held in private collections in USA and Europe