FRANCE, 2011

Our day-to-day existence rarely uncovers more than glimpses of the world and the lives within it.  Consciously or not, we assume or imagine what goes on behind a closed door or inside a lighted room and piece together fractured dialogue from overheard conversations.  We walk among countless others whose backs are turned and faces different from those we imagine. The world as we know it is vague.

These photos, taken in Paris and the Burgundy region of France during a family vacation, explore the theme of curiosity as a visual motive.  From the vantage of a passerby, without time to delve deeper, I documented that which I found curious, while observing the people to whom these surroundings were familiar.  It became—to put it most simply—an exercise in reveling in perpetual curiosity.  Surely, I would never know these people or understand these places, but perhaps somewhere in the celebration of curiosity itself is the only true understanding of life.